Saturday, December 25, 2010

Happy Holidays!

Image obtained here.

Hey guys, just wanted to stop by and wish you guys a Happy Holidays!  Get a ton of presents, and have fun with family and friends. Also, make sure to get your family and friends some FotC cheer.

Let 2011 be a good year for us all.

Sunday, December 12, 2010

Flight of the Conchords Christmas Card by Elliot Quince


Elliot Quince posted this awesome Christmas card of Bret, Jemaine and Murray at a festive meeting on his art blog: Quinky Art 

Click the picture to see it in a higher resolution. Also, make sure to check out his other work. There's a ton of awesome art on there. 

FotC win the 2010 NZ Comedy Guild Achievement Decade Award!

Image obtained here.

Congrats go out to the Flight of the Conchords for winning the 2010 New Zealand Comedy Guild Achievement Decade Award. They really deserved it. It seems the guys are actually getting a ton of awards lately. I really hope they win them all.

To see other winners, go here.

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Jemaine's in Rio and Bret's One Little Boy

Just a quick post about some great news, because today has been pretty busy day news-wise and I want to keep this blog and my other one, World of Taika, with fresh news and on time.

To start with, here's a new trailer for Rio, a new animated movie where Jemaine voices one of the birdy characters. You won't miss him ;)

And Bret has been officially confirmed to star in a New Zealand film Two Little Boys directed by Robert Sarkies, who directed Out of the Blue and Scarfies (both movies have my personal recommendation). Two Little Boys is based on a book on the same name by his brother, Duncan Sarkies, who also wrote a couple episodes of Flight of the Conchords. Read more about it here.

Anyway, I've read the book. It's great and I couldn't imagine anyone else as Nige but Bret. Total WIN!

Monday, December 6, 2010

FotC & co. nominated for the Annie Award

The highest honor given for excellence in animation.

Bret and Jemaine along with their friends, Tim Long and Alf Clausen, have been nominated for an Annie award in the Individual Achievement Category: Music in a Television Production. The International Animated Film Society was kind enough to give a recognition of how awesome their music was in The Simpsons: Elementary School Musical.

The awards ceremony is on February 5, 2011 in L.A. Full list of the nominations is here.

Congratulations, Guys! I really hope you'll win, because you totally deserve it!

Thursday, December 2, 2010

FotC nominated for a Grammy

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Flight of the Conchords are yet again nominated for a Grammy in Comedy. I believe this is their 3rd year being nominated. I'd like to congratulate them for getting the nomination and I wish them the best of luck on winning. Here's who they're up against: 

Margaret Cho - Cho Dependent

Kathy Griffin - Kathy Griffin Does The Bible Belt

Lewis Black - Stark Raving Mad 

Robin Williams - Weapons of Self Destruction 

If you want to view all of the nominations go to

Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Friends go shopping together, lalalala

Glory to Twitter!

The filming of MiB3 has started this month and for his role, Jemaine had to grow an epic beard.

Here, he's with his old friend, the director of Eagle vs Shark and BOY, Taika Waititi. They're both in New York City and this photo is just raising my hopes that they're working together on something awesome.

From other news

You can now pre-order Dinner for Schmucks from Amazon (US) or HMV (UK). The release dates: 4 and 17 January 2011.


Don't forget to download a free album "Christmas Gig" with Bret's new song at

I hope you had a great holiday, America. Winter came too soon and too strong for me. Time for some hot chocolate :).

P.S. re: the source tweet.

Jemaine doesn't have his own personal twitter account, as far as I know, so @JemaineC is NOT the real Jemaine Clement. The only verified twitter account is @fotc. But @TaikaWaititi is absolutely the real Taika Waititi.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

Just wanted to come by to wish you all a Happy Thanksgiving! Have a FotC marathon with your family.

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Friday, November 19, 2010

FotC musical in 5 years... MAYBE?

Recently a Kiwi comedian, Rhys Darby (who plays Murray Hewitt in Flight of the Conchords tv show) has been touring New Zealand and Australia and after that he found some time to give an interview to EntertainmentFix blog. He was asked about the tour, his work with Jemaine and Bret and the future of the Conchords as well as his own projects.

Here are some bits that you may find interesting:

Your support role in the Flight of the Conchords earned you quite a following. Did you have any idea the show would be so successful?

We were very surprised. Earlier it was a radio show for the BBC that we put together. We got positive reactions but that was in the UK which is safe ground for us. We'd all done stand up over there as they have a similar mentality to us here in New Zealand. But in America we thought it was a real risk.

We're very surprised that the Americans dug our humour and it was a slow burner. [...]

It turned out that that was the reason it really became a hit — it was the novelty factor. It's an original take on a sitcom. And of course the big selling point was their [Bret and Jermaine's] fantastic music. It was that coupled with awkward situations. When we first started doing it, it was fresh and new — only The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm had started. It was very innovative and seems like all the stars aligned and there you go — there’s your show.

Did you have to change some of the comedy for the American audience?

The general rule was we just kept it true to ourselves, in what we did and how we spoke. You will notice that when you watch the series that I'm very New Zealander and we improvise a fair bit too. The director would say 'if you were to say it that way — just say it' and that became its charm. [...] — that’s the best thing about comedy — you've gotta stay true to yourself. A lot of people have empathy for Murray and I’m really glad we stuck to our guns.

It's a shame the show ended. Films and TV shows are being remade, groups are reforming and musicians are doing comeback tours. Will we ever see Flight of the Conchords reunite for another series?

I don't know. They only ever designed the show to be as long it was. In terms of the Conchords themselves, they're always touring. They've just finished a tour of Europe. The TV show, I very much doubt it will ever start up again. But you never say no to a project involving the three of us. It's not the last they're going to see of Murray with the Conchords — put it that way.

Great! How about a musical?

We joked about doing Flight of the Conchords as a stage musical — definitely. I think it would really work. Give us a couple of years because we have little children. Once we're comfortable with being parents we’ll consider it. Let's have another chat about it in another five years.

Full interview here.

So, of course, nothing certain, because projects like that need time and money, but interviews with the cast from FOTC leave me so much hope that I can't wait in anticipation. No matter how many years I should wait, I'm happy that there's maybe, MAYBE something cooking.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Christmas song from Bret McKenzie

Wait! WHAT?! Yep. Not only working on the Muppets, but also he's been busy preparing a gift for us for this year's Christmas! :D
Target is releasing a free Christmas album which includes a song from Bret. It'll be available for download 11/28 from here, but today you can already listen to it on You Tube:



From Jemaine news, the filming of MIB 3 has started this week, but no signs of Jemaine himself in the on-location photos. Let's be patient. ;)

The photo of Bret was taken from here.

Sunday, November 14, 2010

FOTC may tour Australia and New Zealand next year!

I'm telling you! I literally jumped on my seat when I read these news.
Arj Barker, who plays Dave in the TV show, in an interview for The Sydney Morning Herald gave us quite big hopes for a new tour next year and Flight of the Conchords new tv/big screen projects.

Here are some extracts:

"Bret and Jemaine have talked about touring Australia and New Zealand maybe next year but I don't know, it's a possibility," Barker said.


"I don't know when we'll work together again but I imagine we will in some capacity," he said.

And as for those bumbling characters from Flight Of The Conchords returning to our screens for a third series?

"I wouldn't say it's impossible that they won't do something again, maybe a movie or a one-off or something," Barker said.

"I wouldn't rule it out because the band Flight Of The Conchords has never broken up."

Read full article here
. Photo obtained here.

Arj sounds pretty cautious to me and he's right to be so, but I'm so grateful to him that some rumours are getting louder.


Friday, November 12, 2010

Bret with the Muppets at their first table read

We've already heard some rumours here and there, but now it's officially confirmed that, as you can see in this photo, Bret McKenzie is working with James Bobin on The Greatest Muppets Movie Ever Made. Although one of our two favourite Conchords is composing some new tracks, I hope we'll see him on the screen as well.
The film, which will also star Jack Black, Donald Glover, Jane Lynch, Danny Trejo, Eric Stonestreet, John Krasinski, Ed Helms, Lady Gaga, and Paul Rudd, is set to open on December 25, 2011. That's going to be the Greatest Christmas Ever! (unless FotC will come up with a Christmas special some day... wishful thinking? I hope not!)
If you want to see the image above in High-Resolution, go to the source.

(very excited)

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Simpsons premiere - Flight of the Conchords prequel

Can these guys do anything wrong? The Simpsons season 22 premiere has proven once more they can't. It was brilliant! It was so good to see them again even if they were just cartoon characters. The magic of art brought them back to Broo... Sprooklyn where they still live as musicians who try to make it big in a city. I had the impression that it was one more Flight of the Conchords episode. I imagine this story took place before they met Murray. It was packed full of FOTC references and again, just as it was in their tv show, Bret and Jemaine performed some new songs. I think we can now put Lisa Simpson on the FOTC fanbase list right after Mel.

If you haven't watched it yet, you can rent or buy the episode on iTunes or watch it online on hulu or for the next two months on (of course, if you are in the US).

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Behind the Scenes of The Simpsons with FotC

Interview with Al Jean, the executive producer of the Simpsons, where he talks about the coming premiere of the 22nd season. He mentions Bret and Jemaine a few times and we can see them in the studio recording original songs for the show. We also learn that the Conchords did the table read on the phone from New Zealand and then came to the US in January to record the spoken parts.




Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Dealing with hecklers by FotC

Jemaine and Bret teach Lisa Simpson how to deal with hecklers. Something what they mastered performing live for many years. I wouldn't be surprised if these heckles were real, taken from their live shows. ;)

Thanks to WTF! on the watch.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The last “Flight of the Conchords” episode we’ll never get

This review sounds very promising for every FOTC fan. 

The real stars of this episode are Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie. They have big roles as the camp counselors and they do their Flight of the Conchords thing. They have Flight of the Conchords banter and some original folk riffs for a line each, all referencing the arts but still in that innocent, irreverent tone.

Sometimes they get to do a whole mini-song, not quite as long as a full song on their own show would be, but a full song by “Simpsons” standards. They do sort of spoofs of their own songs so it’s spoofs of homages. There are plenty of tunes for the next “Simpsons” soundtrack and a lot of banter. It’s the last “Flight of the Conchords” episode we’ll never get.

Read the full review here.

26th September can't come too soon!

Saturday, September 4, 2010

First yellow Conchords pictures

It's been quiet for a while on the Conchords front, but luckily that always means good things to follow.

We've already mentioned here that FotC will guest star on 22nd season premiere of The Simpsons. And here are first images of Jemaine and Bret or rather the characters they will lend their voices to. Does anyone have any idea why their names will be Kurt and Ethan? Anyway, I must say, they look much better than I expected. :D

As far as individual projects undertaken by the Conchords are concerned, Jemaine was busy with Dinner for Schmucks release and now is probably filming Men in Black 3 in New York. We haven't heard much of Bret recently, but... If you remember James Bobin, the co-creator of FOTC tv series, he's been asked to direct the New Muppets movie. And guess who he's working with? Read this story. It's hard to compete with the Conchord.

We will still have to wait a little bit to see the movie, because it is to be released on Christmas 2011. So, for now, remember to turn your tv sets on on September 26th this year to watch the yellow Conchords!

Photos obtained here and here.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Guardian interview with Jemaine

Sorry for not posting anything lately. Just haven't been around for the past few days.

Anyways, read a bit of the interview below:

In your new film Dinner for Schmucks, with Steve Carell and Paul Rudd, you play a macho performance artist with a penchant for nudity. Do you enjoy playing extroverts?
Yeah, it is really fun. In real life I'm very low-key. A wallflower. One of the reasons I went into comedy and acting was that I was sick of being shy. I guess I have an extrovert side and now I get to channel it.
How did you cope with the nudity?
One of the most embarrassing moments was when I was on holiday in Athens and they sent me all these references for the performance art. I checked my email at an internet cafe and opened a PDF with 20 or 30 pictures of naked guys. A lot of them were from gay porn. Some were of Colin Farrell. The studio needed one of me for the film so I had to find a photographer and say: "I'd like photos like these taken of myself, it's for a big Hollywood movie." I asked the photographer where the studio was and she said: "Studio? No studio." So I had to go to a public park in Athens and replicate gay porn pics in my underpants.
Are you excited about your new Hollywood career?
Oh, I'm totally here by accident, I never set out to do this.
It must be quite a culture shock, starting out doing small shows with Flight of the Conchords at the Edinburgh Festival and ending up in Hollywood.
The last Conchords live show we did was at the Hollywood Bowl, which is a bit different from the Gilded Balloon in Edinburgh. We would really have to bust our asses to get people along to the first Edinburgh shows, flyposting and all that stuff, which of course we don't have to do now.

 Read the rest of the interview with Jemaine here:

I just love how was mentioned in the interview. Pretty cool stuff!

Image obtained here.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Flight of the Conchords: the Complete Collection comes out tomorrow!

Just to give you heads up, since we wrote about this here a couple weeks ago.

The Complete Collection goes on sale tomorrow. Unfortunately, according to this review (found by sargifster from the only new thing that we can find in this 5-Disc Set is first time released on DVD "HBO One Night Stand", which is a corner stone for Flight of the Conchords. No outtakes or deleted scenes from Season 1, as we had hoped before. Sorry... :(

But hey! we'll have a decent copy of their "ONS", which began my Conchords craze over a year ago! This was my first video of FotC I've ever watched - Jenny and then came Issues and Think About It. After that, I got hooked for good. ;D


Oh! And look! We've got a new blog and twitter background! Big THANK YOU to jainaj who gave us the right to use her photo taken during the 16th London show. You can see some more her awesome photos from this gig here. Actually, I was at this show as well and here's one of the videos I managed to record:

And because I can never get enough of the Muffin Story, here's also the banter from the same show:

I think this was the best Muffin Story during this tour, though I've heard that in Manchester Jemaine got into this story so much, that he had tears in his eyes from laughter and he had to take off his glasses to wipe his eyes. :)

Monday, August 9, 2010

Interview with Jemaine in Sunday Star Times Magazine

Recently Jemaine gave interview which was published last Sunday in one of the New Zealand magazines, Sunday Star Times Magazine. The Flighties from have managed to find it on the Internet and you can read it here (but first you have to pay) or visit the forum to read it for free!

I really enjoyed this interview. Not only because of the new photos of Jemaine, but also because once again you could see how down to earth this guy is. He talked about his latest movie Predicament and the cooperation with its director, Jason Stutter. He was also asked about the band and how it was to write the tv series. Even though Jemaine is known for being a private person, yet he said a few words about his upbringing in Masterton and then meeting Bret and Taika at Victoria University. My favourite quote is, "I always like to think of myself as an outsider." He sees himself more as a writer than an actor and he's thinking about making something less mainstream in New Zealand. I'm glad Jemaine is doing his way, but hopefully, we'll be able to see his projects too.

In the meantime, the Predicament promotional campaign is making me very excited. Just today a new video has been uploaded on the official Facebook page with Jemaine talking about his character, Spook. Next week, starting from 17th August, you'll be able to watch Behind the Scenes, part 1 video on the Predicament website just for 3 days. I'm going on holiday next week, but I hope Dave will keep you posted or tweeted (haha!).

Saturday, August 7, 2010

Timetripping: Dave Likes Art

Since we're talking about Jemaine and his love to claymation, I think I should add one more video to complete the collection.

This stopmotion animation is from 2003. It was written by Jemaine Clement who also provides the voice for Phil (other characters are voiced by Bret McKenzie - Steward and David Fane - Dave). This short film was created for ClemengerBBDO (Wellington NZ) for Land Transport and it took them one year to produce.

The video was for cinema and was promoting safe driving. "It's not apparent that it's an anti-speeding ad until the end — and even the hedgehogs are surprised. The ad is longer than usual at four and a half minutes, it's in a claymation format (Wallace & Gromit style) and there's no LTSA or Police logos. But what you won't miss is the same hard-hitting message — the faster you go, the bigger the mess — which comes in right at the end." (more under this video)

What I'm mostly proud of and happy for Jemaine is that Dave Likes Art won three awards at Axis that year - Animation, Direction and Best cinema campaign.

Life on Ben

We already know that Jemaine loves clay-animations. It occurs that he's keen on giving his voice to not only sheep but some strange creatures in a TV series which title reminds me one of David Bowie's songs, Life on Mars. This series has something to do with hygiene, not travelling in space, though.

"TV series featuring the voices of Jemaine Clement and Taika Waititi. Jemaine is the green guy and Taika is the purple guy. They come from Ben's butt but are taken from their home violently and planted at the base of Ben's nose when he gets an itch down there and then picks his nose. The series follows the two symbiotic creatures on their quest to get back to Ben's butt making contact with a surreal zoo of creatures that call Ben home. Created and directed by Luke Nola. Television Spacaman Ltd. Producer Neil Stichbury, Animator Any Elworthy, Simon Good, Models Shalom Watkins, Set - Adrian Bennet."


Life on Ben is from 2003-2004 and the whole series of 10 episodes is available on DVD in New Zealand. It may appear on eBay, if you're interested in buying it.

You can watch three more episodes on-line:

Waste Snot Want Snot

On The Blink

Ben Hurt

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

The Pen: new episodes are coming

About 3 years ago, Jemaine together with Guy Capper did a couple of short films called The Pen. The characters, sheep made of clay, Sheepy (voiced by Guy) and Robert (Jemaine), were talking about different philosophical issues that concern sheep, like if there's life after death or how to baa. 

This year Guy and Jemaine united their talents to create some more episodes for a comedy tv show Radiradirah (featuring such comedians as Rhys Darby, Taika Waititi or Naked Samoans). The show was running on New Zealand TV3 every Friday from May till July and soon will be released on DVD. Let's hope we'll be able to see it as well. In the meantime, we can watch The Pen new episodes on ThePenNZ. Keep an eye on this youtube channel, because a new episode is going to be uploaded every week.

Here's the first one:

Robert and Sheepy have also their Facebook page.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

FotC to guest star on 22nd season premiere of The Simpsons

Yes it is true, Bret and Jemaine will be guest starring in the season premiere of The Simpsons, titled "Elementary School Musical." It'll air on September 26th.

The episode is basically about Marge sending Lisa off to a music camp. Bret and Jemaine play artsy counselors.

If you're wondering what the guys will look like, the people behind would like to know too. They're holding an avatar-look-alike contest; winner gets a FOTC decal. If I don't win, I plan to buy one myself.

Check the contest out here. Also check out

If you just want to buy the decals, go here: Jemainiacs store.

Photo obtained here.

Monday, August 2, 2010

Timetripping: FotC launch the BBC Comedy website

I think I won't be wrong if I say that FotC's international carrier started at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2002. Last time they visited the UK it was five years ago and when they finally came back in May this year, the BBC asked them to perform the official opening ceremony for

They also gave an exclusive interview for that website. Actually, I think it was the only interview they gave during the Mostly European Tour.

"BBC Comedy grabs an exclusive chat with the toast of New Zealand's folk parody scene, Flight of The Conchords, during their tour of Britain. Bret and Jemaine reveal what the UK means to them, and take a trip down memory lane to recall their BBC radio series, back in the days when they used to play to twelve people instead of twelve thousand."

Sunday, August 1, 2010

Pre- Order Flight of the Conchords: The Complete Collection

Just recently I heard that there's going to be a complete collection of the show, Season 1 and 2 plus a ton of added features. I really am hoping for deleted scenes from season 1, since the original season 1 set never had any bonus features. You can pre-order it now for the price of $38.99. I'm guessing that the price is actually higher on the actual HBO site, since both seasons and their CDs were priced higher. Anyways, this wonderful DVD set comes out on August 24th.

Here are the special features:

Comes with 4 discs
All 22 episodes within the two seasons
Flight of the Conchords: One Night Stand--Never-before-released 30-minutes special
Flight of the Conchords - On Air Documentary feature
Dave's Pawn Shop Commercials
Outtakes, Deleted Scenes, and More

Buy it below:

DVD cover obtained here.

Friday, July 30, 2010

Timetripping: Mostly European Tour May, 2010

It's been exactly two months since Flight of the Conchords had their epic tour finale in Hollywood Bowl in L.A. with the audience of 17,000 people. The venue was almost sold out.

The Conchords were supposed to tour Europe only, but to the US fans' great surprise, they added three more shows in Berkeley, Las Vegas and Los Angeles, thus it came "Mostly European Tour". The Guys didn't have any problems with selling their shows in Europe. The pre-sale tickets were gone within seconds after the sale had started and Wembley Arena in London (12,500 seats) was sold out after about 15 minutes.

Having two warm-up shows in Wellington, NZ and L.A., the Guys started their tour in Amsterdam, Netherlands. This was pretty significant, considering where the name of New Zealand comes from.

Jemaine and Bret with the support of New Zealand Symphony Orchestra
(or just Nigel); Amsterdam, May 3rd, 2010

Then, they headed to Dublin. That was a long journey, because Europe was under the constant alert about the volcanic ash cloud from Iceland and their plane had been cancelled. They were such a troopers that went by tour bus and gave the show on the same day.

From Ireland, the Conchords went to the UK where they performed in Manchester, Birmingham, Glasgow and London. I was lucky enough to see them in the last two cities. I still can't shake off the impression Jemaine and Bret made on me when I met them. And I don't want to. :)

Leaving the British Islands for a few days, FotC visited Norway, Denmark and Sweden. Their last show in Europe took place back in Wembley Arena in London on 25th May. Three days later the Americans had their feast.

A couple of words need to be said about FotC's supporting acts. For their two shows in Ireland, the Guys invited their old friend, David O'Doherty. In the UK, Eugene Mirman (their tv show landlord) joined them for a couple of shows just to be switched in London with Arj Barker (tv show Dave) who stayed with the band till the end of the tour. Kristen Schaal (tv show Mel) made it to support them in Hollywood as well as Eugene had his comeback in the US. It's worth to note down that at the two shows in Wembley Arena, the Conchords were supported also by their friend from New Zealand, Lawrence Arabia.

Two wonderful men who have been an important part of the FotC team for many years deserve a special paragraph. The first one is Nigel Collins a.k.a. New Zealand Symphony Orchestra. I can't imagine Jenny without his cello now. The second guy is Matt Shane, a sound engineer. Thanks to him we could hear every whisper of Jemaine and Bret in every corner of the venue.

With a new tour, there were new posters. Here's the Euro Poster Series. Have you got your favourites?


  • Banters with 'on the road' stories, especially the Muffin Story. It was the only banter that was noted down on the setlists, so important it was!

  • three new songs (check this entry); On the road was actually written on the road!
  • sparkling jumpsuits for the song Demon Woman;

London, May 17th, 2010

  • Korean karaoke with the multimedia;
  • an awesome version of Inner City Pressure;
  • singing Epileptic dogs in canon with the audience;
  • Jemaine doing different accents for Albi;
  • Matt's odd jobs;
  • mendley of Too Many Dicks and Rock the Party;
  • and of course, last but not least, Sexy Lady / Sugarlumps.

To sum up, I did some maths and here are the results, more or less:

7 countries

13 cities

21 shows

87,900 people (55,000 in Europe and 32,900 in the US)

Not bad as for the 4th most popular New Zealand folk band, ay?

Every show was unique and special. For more details, reviews, photos and videos check fan forums: FOTCmb (sign in first), WTF! and FOTCfanbase: 2010 Tour Archive.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

Timetripping: Phones4u

I'll be posting from time to time something about the Conchords' past and I'm going to call these posts "Timetripping". ;)


Phones4u have uploaded better quality videos of the mobile phone ads that the Conchords made for them in 2003, while they were in the UK.

"A live 'remix' rendition of the Conchords famous Phones 4u theme. Rare behind the scenes footage of Brett and Jemaine jamming on the tour bus!"

Honestly, these Guys can sell everything with their music.

Woo A Lady

I decided to surf youtube for some tour videos and just now found out about some new FotC songs. One titled "Woo A Lady", check it below, it's 6 minutes of total greatness.

The next one is called "I don't Love you Anymore". Check that one out below.

Anyways there's one more that I found and it's called "On The Road". It's only around one minute long, but that's fine and dandy.

This makes me really happy, because new songs, usually mean, a new album. So let's hope for that. Anyways, enjoy!

Also, I should add, if you guys have any videos of new songs by the guys, then please e-mail them to me so I can put them up here. My e-mail is

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jemaine in Predicament

It depends what you understand under this word, because he is doing pretty well.

Giving up the tv show allowed the Conchords doing other things, like touring Europe (I'll write about it next time). It's been very fruitful year for Jemaine being busy taking up different acting roles. One of them is the role of Spook in his friend's, Jason Stutter's (Tongan Ninja, Diagnosis: Death) new movie, Predicament.

Before the movie had its premiere at New Zealand International Film Festival on July 16th in Wellington, you could watch some clips with interviews with the producers and the cast of the movie on its YouTube profile (isn't this sentence too long?). There are some hilarious videos with Jemaine as well :).

A real treat for the J-Dog fans is that the music video to the new song 'Predicament' written and performed by Tim Finn featuring Jemaine Clement can be seen now on the Predicament official website along with the full length trailer and some stills from the movie.

Here's just a teaser:

You can buy the single on Amplifier (international) or iTunes (NZ only).

The national release of the movie is on August 26th. If / when it is released the US / worldwide, I'll let you know.

Monday, July 26, 2010

Some updates

Again, sorry for not posting anything lately. There just hasn't been much going on. I recently re-watched seasons 1 and 2 of FotC. That's the only notable thing FotC related I have. Well there is Dinner for Schmucks, which looks pretty damn good. Jemaine was on Jimmy Fallon last week and they revealed this clip of Jemaine's character, so check that out below.

Also you might have noticed I changed the layout a bit, wish I didn't since the gif image above doesn't work anymore and I had to do some editing to make it a simple image. Anyways Dinner for Schmucks comes out July 30th so look forward to that, because I know I'm going to see it for sure.

How cool would it be if Bret started doing some major movies soon? I'd like to see that.

Here's a video of the cast of Dinner For Schmucks talking about beards:

And the video you all waited for:

It seems that this isn't the full video. I'd suggest going here to watch the whole episode.

I should also add that Flight of the Conchords are in the running for the Foster's Edinburgh Comedy Awards, they're at 11 so far and you can vote here.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Dinner for Schmucks

I've been on a lengthy hiatus, and I apologize for not posting much lately, just haven't been in the mood. Anyways the only notable thing going on at the moment is the new trailer for "Dinner for Schmucks". Jemaine is in this one, and his character looks pretty decent, check it out guys:

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Demon Woman on Rockband yo!

I know there hasn't been much going on in the world of FotC. Gentlemen Broncos was released this past Tuesday and I just watched it yesterday. As you know, Jemaine was the only main reason I enjoyed the movie, plus Sam Rockwell had a good performance too. The rest was forgettable.

Anyways to the real story at hand. Yeah, it's true. Demon woman was added to the line up of new songs being released on the new rockband marketplace. Check a video out below.