Monday, August 9, 2010

Interview with Jemaine in Sunday Star Times Magazine

Recently Jemaine gave interview which was published last Sunday in one of the New Zealand magazines, Sunday Star Times Magazine. The Flighties from have managed to find it on the Internet and you can read it here (but first you have to pay) or visit the forum to read it for free!

I really enjoyed this interview. Not only because of the new photos of Jemaine, but also because once again you could see how down to earth this guy is. He talked about his latest movie Predicament and the cooperation with its director, Jason Stutter. He was also asked about the band and how it was to write the tv series. Even though Jemaine is known for being a private person, yet he said a few words about his upbringing in Masterton and then meeting Bret and Taika at Victoria University. My favourite quote is, "I always like to think of myself as an outsider." He sees himself more as a writer than an actor and he's thinking about making something less mainstream in New Zealand. I'm glad Jemaine is doing his way, but hopefully, we'll be able to see his projects too.

In the meantime, the Predicament promotional campaign is making me very excited. Just today a new video has been uploaded on the official Facebook page with Jemaine talking about his character, Spook. Next week, starting from 17th August, you'll be able to watch Behind the Scenes, part 1 video on the Predicament website just for 3 days. I'm going on holiday next week, but I hope Dave will keep you posted or tweeted (haha!).