Saturday, August 28, 2010

Guardian interview with Jemaine

Sorry for not posting anything lately. Just haven't been around for the past few days.

Anyways, read a bit of the interview below:

In your new film Dinner for Schmucks, with Steve Carell and Paul Rudd, you play a macho performance artist with a penchant for nudity. Do you enjoy playing extroverts?
Yeah, it is really fun. In real life I'm very low-key. A wallflower. One of the reasons I went into comedy and acting was that I was sick of being shy. I guess I have an extrovert side and now I get to channel it.
How did you cope with the nudity?
One of the most embarrassing moments was when I was on holiday in Athens and they sent me all these references for the performance art. I checked my email at an internet cafe and opened a PDF with 20 or 30 pictures of naked guys. A lot of them were from gay porn. Some were of Colin Farrell. The studio needed one of me for the film so I had to find a photographer and say: "I'd like photos like these taken of myself, it's for a big Hollywood movie." I asked the photographer where the studio was and she said: "Studio? No studio." So I had to go to a public park in Athens and replicate gay porn pics in my underpants.
Are you excited about your new Hollywood career?
Oh, I'm totally here by accident, I never set out to do this.
It must be quite a culture shock, starting out doing small shows with Flight of the Conchords at the Edinburgh Festival and ending up in Hollywood.
The last Conchords live show we did was at the Hollywood Bowl, which is a bit different from the Gilded Balloon in Edinburgh. We would really have to bust our asses to get people along to the first Edinburgh shows, flyposting and all that stuff, which of course we don't have to do now.

 Read the rest of the interview with Jemaine here:

I just love how was mentioned in the interview. Pretty cool stuff!

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  1. Not much happened, just one picture of yellow Jemaine and Bret for the Simpsons, so no need to apologize.

    I like that he mentions again in this interview that they're thinking about making a FOTC movie musical. Exciting!