Sunday, December 13, 2009

FotC future

As many of you already know, Flight of the Conchords is done as a show, but there's still hope for future endeavors. NBC Connecticut posted an article about the recent news on FotC ending the show for good, and Bret said to NME this awesome little quote:

it’s possible “we'd do a film or something like that.”

Who here wants to see a movie? Post your comments below about what you think Bret and Jemaine should do. Might I add, I'd love to see a new Video Kid album from Bret, and maybe more film roles.

I'd also like to see Jemaine continue acting in more films and maybe go his own way in music. But, I still want Flight of the Conchords.

Anyways discuss this in the comment section below.

I'd also like to add, that Bret McKenzie has plans to write for his own movie and will be starring in Dukes and Broncos. So that's something I'm looking forward to.

Video Kid album cover obtained from Loop and then edited.

Thursday, December 10, 2009

TV show done for good

I just got some sad news, Flight of the Conchords aren't doing a 3rd season. Doubt we'll see a special, movie or anything. Future albums I'm sure are possible. It really sucks to see the show go; I honestly hope they do a movie just for the hell of it.

Anyways, if you want to read the full story, go to NY Times.

Also, I feel I must apologize for the lack of news, but nothing much else has been sprouting up. I really hope FotC do more albums and or media related stuff, otherwise I doubt this blog will last much longer. If any news comes up, I'll gladly update whomever views this blog.

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

No season 3, but don't lose hope just yet.

It looks as if there is not going to be a season 3. According to Jemaine the show requires too much work. ABC new reported on the story. The only possibility of the show coming back for a season 3, is either a shorter season or a special. I wouldn't mind a shorter season or a special. Six episodes would be fine for me. If you want to read the story, go to ABC News.

Anyways, figured it was an end for the show. Making season 3 shorter wouldn't be bad. What would you like to see happen?

A whole 10-12 episode season?
A shorter 6 episode season?
A special?

Post your comments below.

Flight of the Conchords official site

Remember that old FotC site? It was their official site, but it had not been updated for like 4 or so years? Well they finally brought it back with a new face. I got an e-mail telling me their official site was up and running. There's a ton of goodies too; Merchandise, videos, pictures, News, links, and even has an area to learn some of their songs. The option to send in fan art is also there.

Anyways, here's the link:

Thursday, October 29, 2009

Gentlemen Broncos Trailer

Check out the trailer for the upcoming movie, Gentlemen Broncos. Comes out October 30th.

Been a while.

Yeah I haven't kept you all updated on anything as of late, and I apologize for being lazy. Anyways, October 20th was the big day. I've still yet to actually buy the album because I'm fairly broke at the moment, but mark my words, I'll be getting myself a copy soon enough. Not much else is going on really. Gentlemen Broncos comes out October 30th, which is tomorrow, so go out and see it if you can. I'm not sure if it's a limited released or a wide release. I've yet to see any TV spots, so I'm guessing limited at this point.

Also, news about a season 3 seems like a no-go, Eugene Mirman was interviewed and he says there most likely will not be a season 3, you can check the story out here: Exclaim News. Here's hoping FotC go out and venture into new areas. Hopefully they make a new album, maybe years from now, a greatest hits album, maybe a movie one day.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Gentlemen Broncos news and a season 3 for FotC?

Sup guys? Gentlemen Broncos will be premiering tomorrow; September 24th. Jemaine Clement will also be doing a book reading as Ronald Chevalier.

Book Reading with Ronald Chevalier (Jemaine Clement):

When: 4 PM Friday (September 25th)
Where:BookPeople, 603 N. Lamar Blvd.

For Fantastic Fest:

When:Thursday through Oct. 2
Where:Alamo South (1120 S. Lamar Blvd.) and the Paramount Theatre (713 Congress Ave.)
Tickets and information:

Read the article about the premiere here: Fox Searchlight article
Read the small interview with Jemaine Clement here: Austin360 article/interview

Also, at the end of that interview, Jemaine discusses the chance of a season 3:

"What's going on with the HBO show 'Flight of the Conchords'? Will you do a third season?

We've said no, but I don't know if anyone was listening. I think people might just ignore us and force us into it. They'll inject us with something that makes us do it. If you see us in a season three you'll know that we're probably under hypnosis."

Anyways, looks like there's no chance for a season 3, but I kind of expected that. Lets just hope it might happen, if not maybe a movie. Twitter user conchordsnet wants to know if you want a season 3 of FotC? Go here to vote.

Monday, September 21, 2009

FotC on the red carpet and 3 FotC songs on Rock Band?

Well it wasn't a great night for Bret and Jemaine, as they didn't win one award, but hey they were nominated, so that isn't bad at all. Anyways I tried to catch a glimpse of the guys on the red carpet (on E!) but didn't catch them. I guess they were interviewed on the TV Guide channel. And here's that video yo. The guys talk about being nominated and that they'll have 3 tracks on Rock Band. Cool!

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

News, well a small bit of news.

There's not much to report on. I hate saying report as if I'm an important reporter or something. I just like informing whoever reads this blog.

Anyways, there's a lengthy article from SonicScoop.

Not much else to report on, well there's nothing else. All I can say, is that I can't wait for the second CD, it's going to be fantastic! October 20th yo!

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

FotC nominated for some Emmy's

As some of you may know, Flight of the Conchords are yet again, nominated for an Emmy. Here are their challengers for outstanding comedy series:

30 Rock
Family Guy
The Office
How I Met Your Mother

Flight of the Conchords are also nominated in these categories:

Outstanding Directing For A Comedy Series - James Bobin - Episode: The Tough Brets
Outstanding Lead Actor In A Comedy Series - Jemaine Clement

The Emmy's air on September 20th, 8/7 Central time on CBS.

If you want, you can check the Emmy nominations here: Emmy

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Some news yo

Sorry fellow peeps; I haven't been up to date on FotC news, but I have some for you now. It's pretty much pertains to the UK.

NME reports that Flight of the Conchords will be doing live gigs in the UK starting sometime next year, so that's some good news. I still wish they'd do a live show closer to my area. That's what you get for living in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan I guess!

The release date for the UK release of "I Told You I Was Freaky" is October 26th, that's what NME says at least.

You can read the NME article here: NME

Anyways, not much going on elsewhere. I don't want to bore you with my life or anything, but I'm eagerly awaiting the release of FotC next album; I can't wait to play the hell out of it. Season 2 should hold me over until the release.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

FotC Movie? And more...

Sorry fellow readers. I haven't been in the mood as of late to update this here blog. I've of course been watching season 2 of Flight of the Conchords, and I must say, the extras are a decent goody.

Anyways some awesome stuff to report on. Jemaine has a couple new movies on the way; Despicable Me, Predicament, and Gentlemen Broncos. Don't forget that Jemaine also stars in Diagnosis Death with both Bret McKenzie and Rhys Darby. I can't wait to see that myself, hopefully I can find a copy in America. Please do read these descriptions at your own risk, as some may reveal too much. I'm too lazy myself to come up with the descriptions.

Despicable Me (2010): A trio of orphan girls cause the normally deplorable Gru to rethink his plan to steal the moon. (From

Predicament (2010-2011): Check out info here at WTF!

Gentlemen Broncos (October 2009): Benjamin (Angarano), home-schooled by his eccentric mother (Coolidge), is a loner whose passion for writing leads him on an journey as his story first gets ripped off by the legendary fantasy novelist, Ronald Chevalier (Clement) and then is adapted into a disastrous movie by the small town's most prolific homespun filmmaker.(From

Also, must not forget to mention future plans from FotC. I hear there's a possibility for a movie adaptation of the show, so hopefully that happens. If not, there could be a season 3. You can check out the news here: Beat

So, what are your thoughts on a movie or a season 3? Would you rather see a full length movie? A new season? Something new from the guys? Go ahead and leave me a comment.

Photo created by me, disregard how crappy it is.

Friday, July 24, 2009

Album name and track listing for upcoming album

Title of album: I told you I was Freaky
Release Date: Oct 20th.

Track Listing:

Hurt Feelings
We’re Both in Love with a Sexy Lady
I Told You I Was Freaky
Demon Woman
Rambling Through the Avenues of Time
Fashion Is Danger
Petrov, Yelyena and Me
Too Many Dicks (On the Dance Floor)
You Don’t Have to Be a Prostitute
Carol Brown

Source: SubPop

Anyways, I know I can't wait for this CD, and just 4 days before my birthday is even that much better. So please fans, and people in general, go buy this album when it hits store shelves on October 20th.

Image source: SubPop

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Emmys, and a release date for the second album.

FotC are nominated yet again for some Emmys, and you can check them out below.

  • Outstanding Comedy Series
  • Outstanding Director
  • Outstanding Lead Actor (For Jemaine Clement)
  • Outstanding original music for “Carol Brown”
  • Outstanding Sound Mixing
  • Outstanding Writing
Anyways a release date has finally been announced for the new FotC album. And that date will be October 20th. That came from Sub Pop themselves.

Check out all this info here: Sub Pop

Saturday, July 4, 2009

Bret's 33 now yo

So yeah, June 30th Bret turned 33. Can't believe I missed it, but oh well, I'm only human.

Anyways I congratulate the guy, and hope he had a great b-day. Anyways there's nothing to really report on. All I can really say, is that I can't wait for the CD, since it's long overdue and I need to have; I just need it now. I just can't wait to grace it in my hands, look cover to cover, and just live in that awesome moment.

Well, as some of you may know already, I have a twitter account. My name is Bremaine, lol Jemaine and Bret combined. Anyways, feel free to follow me or whatever. You can find the link to my twitter in the affiliates section, as well as my last fm account. Maybe sometime in the future I'll add my facebook and myspace, but eh, not in the mood to do it now yo.

Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Nothing new :(

July 4th is close and still nothing new to report on about FotC. I guess this can just be a small update on me.

I currently signed up with Twitter, and if you're interested, please do follow me of there. My name is Bremaine, and you can check my profile here: Bremaine

Also, as some of you might have noticed; I put this blog on Technorati, so if you're a member, please do add this blog to your favorites as that will help us out greatly.

And one other thing, please do give us a thumb up through stumble upon. What would be even better is if you write a nice review on the blog.

Before I go, I would like to give out my Last FM name, so if anyone is interested, you can add me here: Last FM

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Season 2 DVD update

The US finally has a release date, and it was under my nose for a while. has season 2 for pre-order right now, and a release date of August 4th, a day after the European release. I'm not too sure if that's the exact release date, since I didn't hear anything else about the US release. Anyways, look forwards to an August 4th release for the US and the 3rd for Europe.

Still no news on the release date for the second CD. If any info comes up, I'll report on it as soon as possible.

In the mean time, pre-order Flight of the Conchords: Season 2 at Amazon.

Photo obtained from here.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Some News

It seems as though there isn't much news out there. Still no news on FotC's next album, which I'm waiting for eagerly. There hasn't been a confirmed date for the Season 2 DVD yet for the US, but I haven't been looking around for that info lately. There really isn't much else I have for you all. Bret's birthday is coming soon, June 29 to be exact. So maybe I'll put up a topic to wish him a happy birthday. Yeah it's something similar to the birthday celebration FotC Message Board myspace did last year, which I actually submitted a drawing to, a horribly done drawing, but oh well.

Anyways Rhys Darby now has a facebook page you can go to. Check it out here.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Jemaine's new movie

I got this bit of info after checking out WTF! Jemaine will be starring in
'Careful with that axe', and the movie's based off the novel 'Predicament' by Ronald Hugh Morrieson. The movie is basically a crime caper, set in the mid-1930s.

Here's a bit of the Q&A with director Jason Stutter:

IE: How did you come up with the idea for the film?

Jason: The film is inspired by the song "Careful with that axe, Eugene" written by Pink Floyd. My girl friend wanted to skip it during a road trip and I came up with some spiel about how it was an important piece of music, due to it's important, under current safety message - this blatant lie failed to work.

IE: What films or filmmakers inspire you?

Jason: I love both comedy and suspense equally which may explain why I'm a big fan of the Coen Brother's work and Alfred Hitchcocks film's. I love the showmanship that these filmmaker's bring, they want to entertain their audience and be liked. I also love anything directed by Steven Spielberg.

IE: What is next for you?

Jason: We're currently putting together the finance to shoot a comedy-crime-caper feature film, which has Jemaine Clement from HBO's Flight of the Conchords attached. The New Zealand Film Commission have also funded the writing of a couple of my feature treatments.

Check out the director's Q&A here: AFI Digital Interview

Article on an announcement of the movie, no details on who's starring though:

I'm glad Jemaine is getting more movie deals. Now I want to see Bret do more things in the movie industry as well, would be awesome fun if he starred in a movie.

Photo obtained from Open Stock Photography.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

An update, Season 2 DVD

Hey guys and gals, and whoever views this blog. Sorry for not updating the blog as of late, I've been a bit busy doing other stuff, like purchasing that new Jeff Buckley Grace Around the World DVD set, and just stuff. I also finally purchased Video Kid - Prototype; FotC - Folk The World Tour; and last, but not least; FotC - BBC Radio Show. The $60 or so was totally worth it. There is some news to report on though.

What The Folk! reported on the season 2 DVD here.

Flight of the Conchords, season 2, will be released on August 3rd of this year. That of course is supposed to be the UK release date. I'm currently unsure of the US release date, but look out for the 3rd, just in case.

Also, when season 2 does come out, you can look for the first two seasons in a twin bundle. How cool is that? Both the DVD and twin pack will be released on the same date. That would be the UK date. Just reminding you all again. :)

Some info on the season 2 DVD and the twin pack:
Release Date: 3 August 2009
Copyright: HBO Home Entertainment
Certificate: TBC
Genre: ComedyPrice: £24.99 RRP
Running Time: 269 minutes
Audio: English 5.1
Special Features: Deleted Scenes (23 minutes)
Outtakes (8 minutes)
Dave’s Pawn Shop commercials (6 minutes)
Flight of the Conchords; Taking Off (30 minutes)
Easter Egg: Doggie Dance (2 minutes)

Release Date: 3 August 2009
Copyright: HBO Home Entertainment
Certificate: TBC
Genre: Comedy Series
Price: £34.99
Running Time: 629 minutes
Audio: English 5.1

Anyways, seems pretty decent. 23 minutes of deleted scenes will make me happy, same with the outtakes, and other special features. All we have to wait for now, is the second CD that still has no release date. Ugh!

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Conchords and Rhys Darby to star in horror spoof

The movies called Diagnosis: Death. and stars Bret McKenzie, Jemaine Clement, Rhys Darby, Raybon Kan, Jessica Grace Smith and Suze Tye.

I'm so glad Bret and Jemaine are doing different things with their careers. This movie sounds awesome by the way!

Here's a little article from ShockTillYouDrop:

Conchords Cast Flies into Death
Source:Screen Daily
May 15, 2009

Lightning Media is reinforcing its upcoming distribution slate with a horror-comedy called Diagnosis: Death.

The tone of director Jason Stutter's film is said to be in line with Peter Jackson's early works. The story, co-penned by Stutter and Raybon Kan, concerns two people undergoing a radical treatment for cancer. Locked in a medical facility over a weekend as guinea pigs for a drug trial, they discover the clinic may pose more harm than they could have imagined. The drugs cause hallucinations. Or are they seeing ghosts for real? Struggling with their senses, they must team up to solve a haunting secret.

The Flight of the Conchords Bret McKenzie, Rhys Darby and Jemaine Clement star with Raybon Kan, Jessica Grace Smith and Suze Tye.

There doesn't seem to be a release date at the moment, late 2009 to early 2010 seem logical, but I'll keep you all updated as more info comes in.


So it sounds like Bret and Rhys have a bigger role than Jemaine who is said to have a cameo appearance. Here's a better article at

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

FotC are now Webby winners

Congrats goes out to Bret and Jemaine for winning a webby in "Television" and "People's Voice". Here's what the Facebook post said:

Flight of the Conchords are motherflippin' Webby winners, thanks to you! We're taking home awards in the "Television" and "People's Voice" categories. Couldn't have done it without your stunning Lip Dubbing skills. Oh, and your votes.

Anyways check out Webby Awards for more winners.

Photo copyright of Webby Awards.

Friday, April 24, 2009

FotC Video Games


I can't believe I didn't post this before, these are 2 very awesome games made by a fan from Flight of the Conchords Message Board. He goes by Badatom. Anyways each season thus far, has its own game. I played the first game some time ago, and I must say it's pretty good, hard near the end, but good.

Anyways check the games out here - Badatom

You can also check out Badatom's website here.

Photo Copyright Badatom

Flight of the Conchords Soar Offscreen - AOL Canada article

Here's a wonderful article from AOL Canada about a possible 3rd season, the new album, and some other stuff.

AOL Canada article

Photo obtained from AOL

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Record Store day update

As many of you may know, Subpop released a 2 song 7'' LP of FotC for record store day on April 18th. The two songs included are Pencils in the Wind and Albi The Racist Dragon. Since record store day is done and over with, subpop is now selling the record on their website, for a nice $5.75.

Check it out here - Sub Pop

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Update on FotC second album

Image Copyright Sub Pop Records

Subpop recently updated some info on the release of Flight of the Conchords second album, well the date has changed from April 14th, to unknown. As of now, there is no release date. Check out Subpop for this info.

FotC Remixes

Here are two awesome remixes of Too Many Dicks on the Dance floor and Hurt Feelings done by ughyoujustgoddamn.

And here's an awesome video for "Too Many Dicks on the Dance Floor".

Check out ughyoujustgoddamn's Myspace

Monday, April 13, 2009

FotC on Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!

FotC recently appeared in a scene of Tim and Eric Awesome Show Great Job!

Anyways you can watch the video right here.

Video at Adult Swim

Thursday, April 2, 2009

A possible 3rd Season?

Well it's possible. News currently floating around the web, is that HBO is trying to get another season. No news on whether or not Bret and Jemaine will actually continue on with another season, but my hopes are certainly up.

Source - Broadcast Now

Monday, March 23, 2009

Bret gets hitched, and joins Jemaine in a game of Tennis

Congrats go to Bret McKenzie on his marriage to Hannah Clarke. Yeah I know I'm a bit late, but I've been kind of busy as of late, and the internet just doesn't seem to interest me at the moment. Anyways they're also having a baby soon, so a double congrats goes out to Bret and his new wife. Check out the news story on Stuff.NZ

FotC where recently part of a charity event playing tennis back in New Zealand. Here're a few videos from the event.

From 3 News in NZ

Friday, March 20, 2009

pre-order Flight of the Conchords Season 2 DVD

When season 2 started up, Amazon already had pre-orders going, well we now have a release date for the DVD set, which this time, will have extras. The set will be released sometime on August 4th, yes August; It seems like such a distant future, but I'm sure everyone can wait while they perfect the set and its extras. The DVD set is said to cost $29.98, but that's most likely at HBO, while at Amazon you'll be able to grab it for a nice $18.99. Pre-order from Amazon.

Source TV shows on DVD

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What The Folk Fan Interview with James Bobin

There's a great interview at What The Folk! with James Bobin, located here.

Here's a couple questions asked by fans:

  • Any bloopers/behind the scenes stuff in the S2 DVD?

Yes. I’m going to put on the gag reel we showed at our wrap party in December – HBO approval pending. But we’re trying. Am very conscious that the last DVD had nothing on it because of its rush release for the Christmas market so this time we are trying to do more – we are also including deleted scenes. We’re not sure about a commentary as B and J are too busy finishing the album. We’ll see.

  • What are the parts of the show that you most enjoy directing? Do you have a tender soft spot for any particular scenes or gags that didn't make it to the final edit (or even the final script)? And what bits do you dread directing? Is it the parts where Bret has to dance and sing at the same time? It is, isn't it? Go on, you can tell us. We're very discreet.

There’s no particular part of the show I like shooting more than others. They all have different appeal to me…most scenes that didn’t make it don’t make it because they’re not as good as the scenes we put in the final cut (as you’ll hear every director say on every DVD commentary of everything you ever see..) but there are genuinely times when there is no room for a scene which we then cut purely because we have too much story. In season 2 there is a scene between Bret and Eddie his boss at the sign company that I really liked in TOUGH BRETS but we didn’t have time to include it. It will be on the DVD though I think. In fact most of the deleted scenes on the DVD have an element of that time pressure to them.

So enjoy!

Photo obtained from Variety.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Really Arty contest winner finally announced

Congrats to DKG for doing a wonderfully awesome poster. You can check this news out at the Conchords HBO Wiki. You can also check back on March 23rd (day of the season 2 finale) to find out how you can grab this limited edition poster.

Photo's obtained from same site.

Tour update

More dates have been added to the 2009 US tour. Wish I could see them live one day.

4/24/09 – Detroit, MI – Fox Theatre - show 1
**(ticket info) - show 2 (ticket info)
5/13/09 - Seattle, WA - Paramount Theatre (ticket info)


*= w/ Kristen Schaal
**= w/ Eugene Mirman
***= w/ Arj Barker
****= w/ Iron & Wine AND Arj Barker

Image obtained from Ticket Master

New Zealand Herald interview

Here's a great interview with FotC about season 2 from The New Zealand Herald, located here. It's an interesting read, so check it out.

Buckle up and prepare for landing

4:00AM Sunday Mar 08, 2009

Flight of the Conchords stars Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie have been getting used to fame since their self-titled sitcom made it big in America. But it's not quite the same for their hapless characters in much-awaited season two, debuting on Prime tomorrow. The musicians are still struggling to "make it" in New York - and in one episode even contemplate prostitution to pay the bills.

View: It's been reported that the second season of Flight of the Conchords was proving to be your "difficult second album"?

Clement: When I heard we got the first series I couldn't sleep for three nights. I thought we couldn't do it. Then halfway through the first series they asked if we'd do the second one and Bret had heart palpitations.

McKenzie: I've never had such a physical reaction to a piece of information. I got a tic.

Clement: They wanted us to start writing episodes right then.

McKenzie: I had a panic attack. I think 'difficult second album' is an appropriate term: we'd spent years developing the first songs with no time pressure and suddenly we had to write 20 new songs in six months.

View: Where do you get the inspiration for the stories from?

Clement: We'll often try to think of famous bands, what's happened to them. And we'll try and think of things that have happened to Bret and I on tour.

McKenzie: There's one episode this season that's loosely based on when we stayed at a fan's house. We'd run out of money - it was a complicated situation. We'd come to L.A. to do some shows, but we'd paid for ourselves and we literally didn't have enough to pay for the hotel.

Clement: Bret did a brief cameo in Lord Of The Rings and the first thing she wanted to do was to watch the extended DVD of LOTR, which she'd just got.

McKenzie: So the three of us were sitting on the couch watching my deleted scenes. Which was pretty weird.

Clement: And she'd say things like, "Bret, there's another 40 seconds of you in the 'making of'."

View: So she really was [stalker fan] Mel?

McKenzie: Mel is an amalgamation of a dozen fans we've had over the years.

Clement: But it's growing. More women are being added to the character the more we tour. I got [sent] a ceramic bust of just my lips the other day.

McKenzie: We get hundreds of pictures, pencil illustrations, so many different pictures and paintings of us.

Clement: Dolls.

McKenzie: We should open an art gallery.

View: That's the price of fame - have you noticed the change in people's attitudes?

Clement: A lot of the time when we were off we'd go back to New Zealand so we didn't know how it went down [in the US].

McKenzie: When the show was on air no one would come up to us, but six months later people would come up and say hi. Because we use our real names in the show people will yell out "Hey Bret" and you're not sure if you know them. So you say "hey!"

Clement: A lot of people do the roll call from the show when Murray goes "Bret? 'Present'." In fact, a lot of the times when we do interviews journalists do the roll call.

McKenzie: Even our real music manager gets a kick out of doing the roll call.

View: You must have made a bit of money by now though. What have you spent it on?

McKenzie: Omnichords. Jemaine has an addiction to Omnichords. It's like a Casio digital auto-harp.

Clement: It's in episode one of the new series for a minute - a harp-shaped thing.

McKenzie: For a while I'd go round to Jemaine's and every day a new Omnichord would arrive by courier. Which is weird because they're all essentially the same with one tiny feature different.

Clement: I've got my favourite.

McKenzie: I mean, you must have one of the most extensive Omnichord collections in the world.

Clement: Which is about six.

View: You've also been voted into the top 100 sexiest people by an Australian magazine.

Clement: Have you been to Australia?

Clement: Because we're such horrible people. Or at least, I'm a horrible character. And Bret's an idiot. I've permanently got this scowl. It's the worst face.

McKenzie: I'm always looking completely disinterested.

View: Are you surprised by your success?

Clement: Well, we're surprised that we even have a show at all.

View: When did you realise it was all going to happen for you?

McKenzie: We've been really lucky, most places we go we've had a fairly successful time.

Clement: For me the best part is hearing about all the different countries that the show is playing in.

McKenzie: What amazes me now is the people who come up to you. A couple in their 70s approached me at the airport and said "Are you Conchordia?" Because we just really write this stuff to amuse ourselves.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Really Arty contest update - 10 finalists

Yup, the contest is now down to 10 finalists. You can see the finalists at the HBO FotC wiki. There are some really good ones.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Conchords make Fringe Hall of Fame

Congrats to the guys, it must be a great honor to be inducted into a hall of fame. Source - The Dominion Post

Flight of the Conchords' Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement have been named inaugural members of the New Zealand Fringe Festival Hall of Fame.

The annual Fringe Awards, which named the best, brightest and most bizarre of Fringe 09 were presented in Wellington last night.

The Best of Fringe went to Two Day Plays, a month-long competition that challenged 18 teams to create a 10-minute play in a weekend.

Saturday, February 28, 2009

New York Times interview

Questions for Bret Mckenzie and Jemaine Clement

Dynamic Duo

Published: February 26, 2009

As the creators and co-stars of “Flight of the Conchords,” the HBO cult comedy series, do you expect the show to be renewed for a third season?
Jemaine: Unlikely.
Bret: We’re going to go straight to the fourth season.

The show is a loosely autobiographical tale about two goofy band mates from New Zealand trying to make it in Manhattan. Is New York a good place for struggling artists?
Bret: It’s a good city if you want to struggle. It’s easy to struggle in New York. I think New York is a bit expensive. It’s too expensive to hang out unless you’ve got a TV show.

Your show is sort of the anti-“Entourage,” in part because there is no cursing or nudity.
Jemaine: We have facial nudity.

Do you see the show as musical comedy?
Bret: It’s definitely closer to the comedy end than the music end.

Next month, you’re releasing a new album and embarking on a U.S. tour. Is it fair to describe your music as a hybrid form that parodies folk music and other genres?
Bret: I would describe our music as weird. I mean, I wouldn’t want to listen to it.

Do you find it surprising that you’ve managed to have a hit television show in spite of your twangy accents?
Jemaine: In New Zealand, people don’t like the New Zealand accent, so we weren’t able to get a TV show there.

What do they watch in New Zealand?
Jemaine: American shows.
Bret: They don’t understand their own accents, so they don’t talk very much.

What do Australians think of your accent?
Jemaine: They think our accent is crude.
Bret: They do make fun of our accents when we’re there.

You first met as drama students at Victoria University in Wellington.
Bret: It started off as a punch-out.
Jemaine: In the New Zealand tradition, we started off fighting like two Russell Crowes. Now we’re amicable rivals. Bret: In between fights we’d write comedy songs.

Is that a joke?
Bret: I don’t know.

Is it true there are more sheep than people in New Zealand?
Jemaine: Ten times more. But in America there are probably more ants than people.
Bret: More cars than people.

Is there anything you can say about the episode being shown this Sunday?
Jemaine: The prime minister of New Zealand comes to New York and wants to meet Barack Obama.

Does New Zealand’s actual prime minister, John Key, appear in the episode?
Bret: No, we decided to go with an actor rather than a politician.
Jemaine: The same way George Bush wasn’t on “24.”

Does President Obama make a cameo appearance?
Jemaine: We can’t tell you.
Bret: HBO might have put him in there as a treat for us.

Any thoughts on the president’s new stimulus package? What do you recommend forthe U.S. economy?
Jemaine: Budgeting.
Bret: Yeah, the government should do a budget.

I believe we already have a budget.
Jemaine: It doesn’t seem like it.
Bret: They need to put aside a certain amount each week for rent and then some money for food and then some money for partying, having a good time. Jemaine: Put aside some for invasions!


Photo and Interview located here: NY

Could this be the album cover?

It could be. According to WTF! it's only speculation, but it would be pretty cool if it did turn out to be the upcoming album cover.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Really Arty contest update

Seems that the contest has ended, and HBO will not be taking anymore submissions. The winners will be announced on March 9th, so look out for that; I myself was looking forward to putting my own fan piece up, but I decided not to even bother, because I know for one that I'm nowhere near as artistic as some of the posters already submitted. Anyways check out HBO Wiki to check out the posters.

FotC On Air documentary and HBO Buzz video

I wouldn't call it much of a documentary, more so a 25 minute documentary, but it was awesome nonetheless. I have no clue as to why this wasn't on the season 1 DVD set, but oh well. Anyways the video can be seen on HBO On Demand.

And here's a short, but yet, very awesome video from HBO.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

FotC on Rocked the Nation 100 N.Z. Music Moments

I checked out Flight of the Conchords completely UNofficial fan site, and found this video. It's of the 100 best New Zealand music moments that rocked the nation. They ranked #11 on the list.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

2009 US Spring Tour Schedule Update

They will be performing again at:

4/15/09 - Radio City Music Hall - New York, NY - Tickets go on sale on - 2/6 @ 10AM
4/29/09 - Arie Crown Theater - Chicago, IL - Tickets go on sale on - 2/7 @ 10AM

There's no news if there will be a special guest or not; I'll keep you all updated as the information comes in.

Photo obtained from Ticket Master

Friday, January 30, 2009

2009 US Spring Tour Schedule

So I got an e-mail today from Musictoday on the 2009 US tour for FotC. Here's the 2009 US tour schedule:

Flight of the Conchords are pleased to announce a 2009 Spring US Tour!

Tickets go on sale to the public on Friday & Saturday, February 6th and 7th, but as a very special Flight of the Conchords fan you have access to the exclusive pre-sale beginning this Monday, February 2nd at 10 AM.

Just find the link to your city's venue and enter the password "sugalumps."

4/06/09 – Tampa, FL – Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center * TICKET INFO
4/07/09 – Coral Gables, FL – University of Miami BankUnited Center * TICKET INFO
4/08/09 – Orlando, FL – UCF Arena * TICKET INFO
4/10/09 – Nashville, TN – Ryman Auditorium * TICKET INFO
4/11/09 – Atlanta, GA – Fox Theatre * TICKET INFO
4/13/09 – Washington, D.C. - Constitution Hall * TICKET INFO
4/14/09 – New York, NY – Radio City Music Hall * TICKET INFO
4/17/09 – Boston, MA – Agganis Arena * TICKET INFO
4/18/09 – Philadelphia, PA – Tower Theatre (2 shows) * Show 1 TICKET INFOTICKET INFO
4/19/09 – Kent, OH – Kent State University * TICKET INFO
4/21/09 – Toronto, ON – Massey Hall ** TICKET INFO
4/22/09 – Toronto, ON – Massey Hall ** TICKET INFO
4/24/09 – Detroit, MI – Fox Theatre ** TICKET INFO
4/25/09 – Bloomington, IN – IU Auditorium ** TICKET INFO
4/26/09 – Madison, WI – Overture Center for the Arts ** TICKET INFO
4/28/09 – Chicago, IL – Aerie Crown ** TICKET INFO
4/30/09 – St. Louis, MO – Fox Theatre ** TICKET INFO
5/02/09 – Milwaukee, WI – Riverside Theatre (2 shows) ** TICKET INFO
5/03/09 – Minneapolis, MN – Northrop Auditorium ** (no listing as yet)
5/05/09 – Dallas, TX – Nokia Theatre ** TICKET INFO
5/06/09 – Houston, TX – Jones Hall ** TICKET INFO
5/07/09 – Austin, TX – Bass Concert Hall ** TICKET INFO
5/10/09 – Vancouver, BC – Center in Vancouver for the Performing Arts *** TICKET INFO
5/11/09 – Seattle, WA – Paramount Theatre *** TICKET INFO
5/12/09 – Seattle, WA – Paramount Theatre *** TICKET INFO
5/14/09 – Portland, OR – Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall *** TICKET INFO
5/16/09 – Denver, CO – Red Rocks Amphitheatre **** TICKET INFO (no listing as yet)
5/17/09 – Salt Lake City, UT – Abravanel, Hall % TICKET INFO
5/19/09 – Phoenix, AZ – Dodge Theatre *** TICKET INFO
5/20/09 – San Diego, CA – RIMAC Arena *** (no listing as yet)
5/22/09 – Santa Barbara, CA – County Bowl *** (no listing as yet)
5/23/09 – Las Vegas, NV – The Joint *** TICKET INFO (no listing as yet)
5/24/09 – Los Angeles, CA – Greek Theatre *** TICKET INFO (no listing as yet)
5/25/09 – Berkeley, CA – Berkeley Community Theatre (2 shows) *** Show 1 TICKET INFO Show 2 TICKET INFO Show 2


Special Guests:

* = Kristen Schaal

** = Eugene Mirman

*** = Arj Barker

**** = First support act= Iron and Wine/ second support act = Arj Barker

Info located from Musictoday

Monday, January 26, 2009

Flights of fancy - NZ Listener article

Here's a nice article from The NZ Listener.

An exclusive interview on the New York set of the second – and could it really be the last – series of Flight of the Conchords.

Consider the joys of being Flight of the Conchords. A cultish show filming a second series on a major cable network in the United States, which must be like having a hit anywhere else. (It’s not actually, but we’ll get to that.) Your fans are engaged, artsy-crafty, inclining to spooky. They send you knitted wool animals that look like you. Bret’s Jesus beard and gentle tortured eyes; Jemaine’s vigorous sideburns and primate sensuality.

Fan art, too! Paintings and hand drawings and the like, enough to fill a small room at Te Papa. You write in LA, film in the People’s Socialist Republic of Brooklyn, and sometimes dream of Newtown. You go out dancing with Drew Barrymore; Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins drop by at one of your shows, dragged there by their kids. You used to be broke; now you’re not. People know you. They want to be funny with you. Sometimes, they want to be you. Recently, Rhys Darby, who plays Murray Hewitt in the series, was signing autographs outside a New York comedy club; a man in his 50s blundered through the crowd, shouting: “I’m the real Rhys Darby! I’m the real Rhys Darby!” He was, to use the appropriate phrase, forcibly restrained.

It’s like the theme from Cheers: “Everyone knows your name, everyone’s glad you came.” Put it another way, the Public Enemy way: “Ice Cube is down with the PE/now every single bitch wanna see me.”

“One of the funniest things I saw on tour,” says Jemaine Clement, “was this woman in the front row and she had a T-shirt with a womb on it and a fetus with glasses and sideburns, and my face.”

All of which goes to prove three points that on reflection are self-evident: 1) people are strange; 2) they form intimate attachments with characters on the boob tube; 3) they love a laff.

Flight of the Conchords, contenders for the best comedy album at the 2009 Grammys, are successfully mining the double-act seam of comedy, one that stems not from the tradition of speaking opposites (funny man v straight man – eg, Morecambe and Wise) but the setup in which similarity, and irony, loves company. The Blues Brothers and Cheech and Chong are part of this line, but neither expresses the minimalism, the texture of Conchord humour. Being a nerd. Being broke. Being useless with girls. It’s being and nothingness; some awkwardness but little angst. They’re like life, they’re like us, only they’re … different.

“Jemaine’s more staunch than me,” says Bret McKenzie. Slim and pale, he is slumped inside a large blue Swanndri. Call time for this morning’s filming was 5.30am, which is bad enough, and made rather worse if you’ve spent the night lying awake, worrying about sleeping through the alarm.

“When we deal with other people,” says Clement, “I’d expect Bret to be naturally diplomatic, whereas I wouldn’t like the person.”

“And that’s what we play off on the show,” adds McKenzie.

“It’s like a five-year-old and a three-year-old,” says show co-creator James Bobin, who has also worked with Sacha Baron Cohen, otherwise known as Borat. “Jemaine’s the five-year-old, and Bret’s the three-year-old. They’re both wrong, but the five-year-old thinks he’s right.”

McKenzie continues: “If we didn’t like the way HBO was doing something, even though we’d both agreed we didn’t like it, Jemaine would be the one who would probably say” – his fist thumps the table lightly – “we’re not doing it!”

So, the difference between them is good cop, bad cop?

“Mmmm, more like polite cop, less polite cop.”

Would you like fries with that drollery, sir? We’re sitting at a French joint near their studio. It’s a working lunch, one of these multi-tasking monstrosities that people who haven’t had a day off for four months must endure, as must those who want to talk to them. The Conchords are being served up to the world’s entertainment press: your own reporter, a chap from the Daily Telegraph in London, a woman from Time Out, and a Swede who, in the car coming here, leaned across to me and asked, “Are these guys any good?”

Well, yes, they are. The lunch/interview, filled with badinage, is how one imagines an orgy might be: nervously energetic, special moves being ventured and withdrawn hastily, abrupt changes in partner, some fumbling and groping to get from one sequence to the next. And that’s just the journalists.

McKenzie, as you’d expect, is the fret-artist; Clement swings casually from riff to riff. They footnote one another’s sentences. Fracturing, rather than cracking each other up, seems to be the MO, although Clement’s laugh can rise to a goofy full-throated bellow. McKenzie seems to like to hang on just a little, to keep something in reserve. But it’s a free-ranging session of target practice, a flurry of bullseyes: America, themselves, their fans, New Zealand. They describe how they created the name for bumbling manager Murray Hewitt, by cross-fertilising the names of former All Blacks Murray Mexted with Norm Hewitt. Then they googled the name, which produced two people who both lived in New Zealand. McKenzie says when he was back home at Christmas time, he actually met someone called Murray Hewitt.

“Good-looking guy, was he?” deadpans Rhys Darby.

This is just from page one, so check out page 2 and 3.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Pre-Order season 2 now on is usually good for offering pre-orders right away. The price is usually much cheaper than what HBO shop makes you pay. Anyways you can pre-order season 2 here.

I'll keep everyone updated on the pre-order of the second full length CD, but all that we know about it, is that it'll be released on April 14th. Look for a pre-order sometime soon, hopefully.

One new Flight of the Conchords song every week!

Source: Subpop

Yep, it's true. After every new episode, subpop will release the song featured in the show in the iTunes store. Also the new album is scheduled to be released on April 14th. So I'll be ready to pre-order it. That's almost 3 months away, can't wait!

Season 2 of the Flight of the Conchords HBO TV show begins this Sunday night, January 18th! And, in a radical, full-body, immodest embrace of modern technology, we will be releasing, through the iTunes music store, one song from each episode on the Monday morning after that episode airs!

So, for example, on Monday, January 19th, you will be able to purchase the Flight of the Conchords song [spoiler alert!] “Angels,” from the previous night’s Season 2 premiere.

It’s what we’re calling our “See It on Sunday, Buy It on Monday (Please)” promotional ploy. And, we really think it’s possible you might like it.

So, should you want new Flight of the Conchords songs (and who don’t?), please visit the Flight of the Conchords iTunes page right here.

Further info! The entire new Flight of the Conchords album will be released on April 14th. It will include all ten of the songs released through iTunes, plus several more (probably 15 or so tracks total). It will also include an album title, some (we’re confident) very nice and very palpable artwork, and either a large shiny black disc, or a smallish silvery one, depending. On the album’s release date, if you’ve bought some or all of the songs throughout the season on iTunes, you’ll have the option to “Complete the Album” through iTunes, and won’t have to repurchase anything. You could also just buy the complete album from us on or after April 14th. We view that option favorably as well.

In other Flight of the Conchords news, we would still like to sell you their Grammy Award-winning EP The Distant Future and/or their self-titled and currently Grammy-nominated full-length debut Flight of the Conchords. There will also be a humongous Flight of the Conchords North American tour throughout most of April and May of this year.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Entertainment Weekly article

It's a short article, but hey, if it has something to do with FotC, I'll post it.

Flight of the Conchords

Where it left off: Folk-rock duo Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie split with hapless, hopeless Murray (Rhys Darby).

What's coming up: In spite of a handful of Emmy nods last year, the single-fanned Conchords haven't suffered the growth or popularity that can ruin a music group. "The success of the Flight of the Conchords' band [in the real world] has no impact whatsoever on the failure of the TV band," assures exec producer James Bobin. (And failure is all but assured when Murray returns as manager.) The 10- episode season features new songs ("Hoping You'll Stick Around," about Jemaine's ex-girlfriends, and "Sugar Lumps," about his teticles),quirky guests (24's Mary Lynn Rajskub and SNL's Kristen Wiig), and new devotion to the Conchords from perpetual quitter Bret. Says Bobin, "Bret is much more faithful to the band this year." Being replaced by a bongos enthusiast will do that to a man. - AW

So the sounds even more awesome. Tomorrow, be ready, we'll all be graced with a new season of FotC. It's going to be a great start for 2009.

Article in January 23rd issue of Entertainment Weekly.

Friday, January 16, 2009

National Post Article

Check the article out here: National Post

'Thank you, internet': The harmonious hijinks of Flight of the Conchords

Mark Medley, National Post Published: Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Once, many years ago, Flight of the Conchords played a concert at a Vancouver club, for which only a single person showed up. The lights went down and, even with the minuscule audience, the New Zealand musical-comedy duo gamely performed an hour-long set.

"When they turned the lights on," recalls Jemaine Clement, one half of the musical comedy duo, on the phone from Los Angeles, "the person had left."

Certainly more than one person will be watching on Sunday night, when the Conchords' eponymous TV show returns for a second season. In the year and a half since Season One's finale, Clement and partner Bret McKenzie have released a best-selling album, earned four Emmy nominations and garnered a host of critical acclaim for the show, which concerns two New Zealand expats named Jemaine and Bret -only slightly fictionalized versions of the real-life pair - living in New York while trying to find success as a band.

Clement and McKenzie met while attending the Victoria University of Wellington - they were both in a play written by Duncan Sarkies, who now writes for the show - and formed Flight of the Conchords in 1998. The band toured various fringe and comedy festivals before enjoying a short-lived series on BBC Radio 2 in 2004. But the transition to television, says McKenzie, was never a goal.

"When Jemaine and I were flatting in New Zealand, we were both auditioning for New Zealand soap operas and B-grade films, and we weren't doing very well," he says. "We decided to start a band to get out of trying to be on TV."

If the show sounds strange, that's because it is; Flight of the Conchords may be the definition of an acquired taste. But the band's popularity has skyrocketed in the lapse between seasons, propelled at least in part by the band's visibility on the internet. They are a group born of the YouTube age; the songs translate into net-ready clips, which attract millions of views online; the group also boasts over 167,000 MySpace friends, though "165,000 of those are me with aliases," admits McKenzie.

"The internet's really part of the way the show has spread," agrees Clement. "Thank you, internet."

Perhaps as a way of saying thanks, the first episode of the season was leaked online in December. Early Season Two episodes find Clement resorting to prostitution to pay the bills and McKenzie starting up a gang to protect himself from rappers he dissed during a performance at the library. New songs - the musical numbers, interwoven into the plot, are often the highlight of each episode - range from operatic epics to Broadway show tunes to island-tinged calypso, making one wonder what they were listening to while writing this season's music.

"Andrew Lloyd Webber plays Bob Marley," jokes series co-creator James Bobin, the man partly responsible for bringing Da Ali G Show to North America and whom McKenzie has dubbed "the third Conchord" in past interviews.

"We've been listening to a lot of Harry Nillson," says Clement, referring to the American musician behind such odd songs as Coconut. "And he goes from style to style all the time. He goes calypso, a bit of reggae - he never did rap."

The songs will be collected on an untitled new album, due April 14 on Sub Pop Records, and the band will launch a North American tour later this year. There are currently no movie plans - "What have you heard?" asks Clement, though he is starring in Napoleon Dynamite director Jared Hess's next film, Gentlemen Broncos.

The band's popularity has also increased the profile of co-stars Rhys Darby, who plays their manager, Murray, and comic Kristen Schaal, who plays the band's only fan, Mel. Schaal scored a recurring gig on The Daily Show, while Darby - a fellow New Zealand native, who they've known for years - recently appeared in the Jim Carrey comedy, Yes Man.

"That was our plan from the beginning: try and get Rhys into a Jim Carrey film," says McKenzie.

"And we succeeded!" says Clement. "I'm really proud to be involved with those guys, and think they deserve every success."

New Zealand is certainly proud of them; they are the biggest cultural export since Lord of the Rings - in which McKenzie had a small role - which makes them the most visible Kiwis this side of Peter Jackson.

Says McKenzie: "The pride that they have for our success overseas overshadows ..."

"... the embarrassment," says Clement, finishing his partner's sentence.

• Season Two of Flight of the Conchords premieres Sunday, Jan. 18 at 10 p.m. on HBO Canada.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

A.V. Club Interview

by Sam Adams January 13, 2009

When Flight Of The Conchords debuted on HBO in 2007, the musical sitcom about a pair of unknown New Zealanders struggling for success felt as if it might be based, however faintly, in real life. But a Grammy, two Emmy nominations, and a platinum record later, Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement are hardly unknowns. Their sleepy deadpan delivery and scruffy charisma have made them low-key heartthrobs, and their low-tech music videos are tailor-made for the YouTube era. The show's second season, which premières Jan. 18, finds their fictional selves as downtrodden as ever, penning jingles for a women-only toothpaste and being neglected by their manager, Murray (Rhys Darby), who's preoccupied with million-selling novelty act Crazy Dogggz. During a break from filming in a Brooklyn warehouse, McKenzie and Clement sat down at Murray's desk with The A.V. Club, which resisted the urge to call the roll.

The A.V. Club: I remember seeing the first episode and thinking, "Wow, this is really funny. I'm glad they got a full season, because that's obviously going to be all there is." The next thing I know, you guys are selling out 3,000-seat theaters.

Bret McKenzie: It could have slipped by. There are a lot of good shows that don't get picked up. Like that Ben Stiller pilot, Heat Vision And Jack? That would have been a great show, but somehow it slipped by.

Jemaine Clement: That's even weirder than our show, really.

AVC: You'd already done a version of the show for BBC Radio, so you hit the ground running. Even the pilot is fully formed, in terms of visual sensibility and the characters' identities. Were there things you wanted to do differently in the second season?

JC: I think we made the same mistakes again.

BM: I think we learnt, but we probably didn't—

JC: Apply our learning.

BM: Apply our lessons, yeah. One thing we did learn was that the transition to song is a really crucial moment in the musical format. It's easier if the song somehow slips into the scene, rather than a hard cut to a music video. So we kind of played around with different ways of transitioning from the real world of the show into the surreal world of the music videos.

AVC: The first season is almost an encyclopedia of the New York alternative-comedy scene, with Kristen Schaal and Eugene Mirman in recurring roles, and guest appearances by Todd Barry and Demetri Martin. Was there a thought that that might be a good way to get the show to an American audience?

BM: No.

JC: It can go a long time with just New Zealanders, but we try to make sure there's American characters in it. I'm always aware when we're looking through the script that in the first few scenes, there should be an American character.

BM: We didn't cast them to try and break into a market or anything. We cast them mainly 'cause we knew them. And we didn't want to have people that were well-known.

JC: It really is like, "Who do we know?" Todd, Demetri, Arj [Barker], and Eugene are all the Americans we knew.

AVC: Every comedian who's ever opened a rock show, basically.

BM: Yeah, that's true, it's the same circuit. John Hodgman is another one. This season, we ran out of people we knew.

To read the rest of the interview, than please go here: A.V. Club interview with FotC

Really Arty Poster Search

I was checking my e-mail today, and I was updated to some new contest being run by HBO. The contest is simple, create the best arty poster you can, send it in before 11:59 AM ET on February 20th, 2009. You'll have enough time. I myself might even try it out, and I'll post my best artistic ability when the contest ends.

Anyways, the winner gets their own poster back, signed by both Bret and Jemaine, and in a nice frame. Also, HBO might make them available for sale.

Go to the contest page here.

And for more details on the contest, go here.

Photo aquired from HBO FotC wiki page

Time Out New York cover/interview

Source -
Time Out New York
The Hot Seat
Time Out New York / Issue 693 : Jan 8–14, 2009
Flight of the Conchords
The Kiwi comics are No. 1 in Brooklyn!

By John Sellers
They came from New Zealand armed with songs about killer robots and racist dragons—and, improbably, they scored. Since June 2007, when their cultish musical-comedy show debuted on HBO, Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie, better known as Flight of the Conchords, have garnered a Grammy, two Emmy nominations and a No. 3 spot on the Billboard album chart (for their self-titled debut). Plus, this week’s cover! In advance of the January 18 launch of the second season of their HBO series, we spoke to Clement and McKenzie on the Flight of the Conchords set in Greenpoint.

Time Out New York: The new season debuts just two days before the presidential inauguration. How have you changed to pander to the Obama generation?
Bret McKenzie: The second season’s more optimistic.

TONY: Is that because of Obama, or is it because your album went to No. 3?
McKenzie: Well, it was No. 1 in New Zealand.

TONY: That changes everything. How many copies need to sell to earn that honor?
Jemaine Clement: Two.
McKenzie: There are only 4 million people in New Zealand.

TONY: Well, that’s bigger than Brooklyn.
McKenzie: So by that measure, our album was No. 1 in Brooklyn.

TONY: A lot of your fans are female. How many hearts have you broken?
McKenzie: Seven hearts. That’s combined.
Clement: It’s sad.
McKenzie: Jemaine’s more the heartbreaker. He’s broken four.
Clement: Bret’s trying to catch up.

TONY: You used to be so much chunkier when you were performing under the name Tenacious D. How hard was it to lose all that weight?
Clement: HBO insisted on liposuction.
McKenzie: That’s funny. We met [Tenacious D’s] Kyle Gass in L.A. and he said, “You guys are like a skinny version of us.”

TONY: How often do you hear the comparison?
McKenzie: Not as often as we expected when we first started over here.
Clement: Yeah. When the previews started, everyone said it. There were lots of “Tenacious D Light” comments. But it disappeared after the show debuted.

TONY: Like the D, you guys bill yourself as a duo. But you’re more of a quartet, if you count Jemaine’s sideburns.
Clement: Are you saying that my sideburns are two extras? I haven’t really thought about that. I’m so used to them that I don’t think of them as people, I suppose.

TONY: Bret, you appear as an elf in the first Lord of the Rings movie for, like, four seconds.
Clement: If that.
McKenzie: Well, five.
Clement: Have you really timed it?
McKenzie: No.

TONY: There’s a fan site describing your character, Figwit, as “perfect, pouty and gorgeous.” Wow.
McKenzie: Yeah. A group of fans from all around the world flew to Edinburgh to meet me and to watch us play at the Fringe Festival.
Clement: It was a little creepy because they’d get so nervous. They would be quivering. Jealous much, Jemaine?
Clement: Nah, I wasn’t jealous.
McKenzie: Yeah, he was jealous. He just got over it, like, five years ago.

TONY: How did the Concorde plane crash in Paris in 2000 affect the band?
McKenzie: We had the name before the terrible Concorde crash. But we were worried that people would think it was a joke based on the tragedy. Which it had nothing to do with.
Clement: I think some people did think that. But we soldiered on with it.
McKenzie: We just didn’t play in Paris.

TONY: Are you bummed that the Concorde is no longer in service?
McKenzie: It’s a shame. I always wanted to do a photo shoot with us in the Concorde. We’ll have to do that on Photoshop now.

TONY: Do you ever miss the days when no one knew who you were?
Clement: We shot a scene yesterday, a gig at a bar, where there was only this one guy and his shopping bags. At the end, they turn the lights on and there’s no one there. That was based on a real gig that we did in Canada.

TONY: That must have been painful.
Clement: Yeah. We don’t even know when that person left.

Flight of the Conchords premieres Jan 18 at 10pm on HBO.

FotC in TV Guide

Source - TV Guide Magazine

"Last year we didn't think we would do another season. It killed us." Says Bret McKenzie, one half of the singing duo Flight of the Conchords, whose escapades are chronicled in the HBO comedy of the same name. Luckily, he and partner Jemaine Clement recharged and are back on January 18 for season 2 with more financial woes, romantic mishaps and some injuries that occur during a misguided self defense session. And of course, their wry ditties are interspersed through the episodes. The pair, who won a Grammy for Best Comedy Album last year, write all their songs together. "Jemaine thinks he knows more about music," says McKenzie, "but I Do. - Nicki Gostin

Get your FotC tunes sooner

I bet you want to get a hold of each song from season 2 of FotC. Well, you can. If you pre-order the next FotC album, you'll get to grab each new song after each new episode. Angels will be released on Itunes the 19th of January, a day after the season premiere. Sub Pop plans to release a song each week. There will also be 5 more songs released on April 14th, after the season ends.


Tuesday, January 13, 2009

FotC live at Amoeba Records

How long until the new season starts? Well not very long, since it airs this coming Sunday; I remember it like it was months ago, when season 2 was to start sometime in 2009; I thought it would've taken ages, but it's finally here, or soon to be. January 18th, 10 PM, be there, or be square. Anyways I have something here to hold you over until then. This video is of the guys performing at Amoeba Records .

Here's the set list:

1. Intro
2. The Reliable DG-20
3. The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room
4. Inner City Pressure
5. Mutha'uckas
6. Albi The Racist Dragon
7. The Prince of Parties
8. Time Tripping (Interlude)
9. Bowie
10. Robots

Please check out Amoeba Records.
You can also check the video out on Amoeba Records website, here.