Monday, March 23, 2009

Bret gets hitched, and joins Jemaine in a game of Tennis

Congrats go to Bret McKenzie on his marriage to Hannah Clarke. Yeah I know I'm a bit late, but I've been kind of busy as of late, and the internet just doesn't seem to interest me at the moment. Anyways they're also having a baby soon, so a double congrats goes out to Bret and his new wife. Check out the news story on Stuff.NZ

FotC where recently part of a charity event playing tennis back in New Zealand. Here're a few videos from the event.

From 3 News in NZ

Friday, March 20, 2009

pre-order Flight of the Conchords Season 2 DVD

When season 2 started up, Amazon already had pre-orders going, well we now have a release date for the DVD set, which this time, will have extras. The set will be released sometime on August 4th, yes August; It seems like such a distant future, but I'm sure everyone can wait while they perfect the set and its extras. The DVD set is said to cost $29.98, but that's most likely at HBO, while at Amazon you'll be able to grab it for a nice $18.99. Pre-order from Amazon.

Source TV shows on DVD

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

What The Folk Fan Interview with James Bobin

There's a great interview at What The Folk! with James Bobin, located here.

Here's a couple questions asked by fans:

  • Any bloopers/behind the scenes stuff in the S2 DVD?

Yes. I’m going to put on the gag reel we showed at our wrap party in December – HBO approval pending. But we’re trying. Am very conscious that the last DVD had nothing on it because of its rush release for the Christmas market so this time we are trying to do more – we are also including deleted scenes. We’re not sure about a commentary as B and J are too busy finishing the album. We’ll see.

  • What are the parts of the show that you most enjoy directing? Do you have a tender soft spot for any particular scenes or gags that didn't make it to the final edit (or even the final script)? And what bits do you dread directing? Is it the parts where Bret has to dance and sing at the same time? It is, isn't it? Go on, you can tell us. We're very discreet.

There’s no particular part of the show I like shooting more than others. They all have different appeal to me…most scenes that didn’t make it don’t make it because they’re not as good as the scenes we put in the final cut (as you’ll hear every director say on every DVD commentary of everything you ever see..) but there are genuinely times when there is no room for a scene which we then cut purely because we have too much story. In season 2 there is a scene between Bret and Eddie his boss at the sign company that I really liked in TOUGH BRETS but we didn’t have time to include it. It will be on the DVD though I think. In fact most of the deleted scenes on the DVD have an element of that time pressure to them.

So enjoy!

Photo obtained from Variety.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Really Arty contest winner finally announced

Congrats to DKG for doing a wonderfully awesome poster. You can check this news out at the Conchords HBO Wiki. You can also check back on March 23rd (day of the season 2 finale) to find out how you can grab this limited edition poster.

Photo's obtained from same site.

Tour update

More dates have been added to the 2009 US tour. Wish I could see them live one day.

4/24/09 – Detroit, MI – Fox Theatre - show 1
**(ticket info) - show 2 (ticket info)
5/13/09 - Seattle, WA - Paramount Theatre (ticket info)


*= w/ Kristen Schaal
**= w/ Eugene Mirman
***= w/ Arj Barker
****= w/ Iron & Wine AND Arj Barker

Image obtained from Ticket Master

New Zealand Herald interview

Here's a great interview with FotC about season 2 from The New Zealand Herald, located here. It's an interesting read, so check it out.

Buckle up and prepare for landing

4:00AM Sunday Mar 08, 2009

Flight of the Conchords stars Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie have been getting used to fame since their self-titled sitcom made it big in America. But it's not quite the same for their hapless characters in much-awaited season two, debuting on Prime tomorrow. The musicians are still struggling to "make it" in New York - and in one episode even contemplate prostitution to pay the bills.

View: It's been reported that the second season of Flight of the Conchords was proving to be your "difficult second album"?

Clement: When I heard we got the first series I couldn't sleep for three nights. I thought we couldn't do it. Then halfway through the first series they asked if we'd do the second one and Bret had heart palpitations.

McKenzie: I've never had such a physical reaction to a piece of information. I got a tic.

Clement: They wanted us to start writing episodes right then.

McKenzie: I had a panic attack. I think 'difficult second album' is an appropriate term: we'd spent years developing the first songs with no time pressure and suddenly we had to write 20 new songs in six months.

View: Where do you get the inspiration for the stories from?

Clement: We'll often try to think of famous bands, what's happened to them. And we'll try and think of things that have happened to Bret and I on tour.

McKenzie: There's one episode this season that's loosely based on when we stayed at a fan's house. We'd run out of money - it was a complicated situation. We'd come to L.A. to do some shows, but we'd paid for ourselves and we literally didn't have enough to pay for the hotel.

Clement: Bret did a brief cameo in Lord Of The Rings and the first thing she wanted to do was to watch the extended DVD of LOTR, which she'd just got.

McKenzie: So the three of us were sitting on the couch watching my deleted scenes. Which was pretty weird.

Clement: And she'd say things like, "Bret, there's another 40 seconds of you in the 'making of'."

View: So she really was [stalker fan] Mel?

McKenzie: Mel is an amalgamation of a dozen fans we've had over the years.

Clement: But it's growing. More women are being added to the character the more we tour. I got [sent] a ceramic bust of just my lips the other day.

McKenzie: We get hundreds of pictures, pencil illustrations, so many different pictures and paintings of us.

Clement: Dolls.

McKenzie: We should open an art gallery.

View: That's the price of fame - have you noticed the change in people's attitudes?

Clement: A lot of the time when we were off we'd go back to New Zealand so we didn't know how it went down [in the US].

McKenzie: When the show was on air no one would come up to us, but six months later people would come up and say hi. Because we use our real names in the show people will yell out "Hey Bret" and you're not sure if you know them. So you say "hey!"

Clement: A lot of people do the roll call from the show when Murray goes "Bret? 'Present'." In fact, a lot of the times when we do interviews journalists do the roll call.

McKenzie: Even our real music manager gets a kick out of doing the roll call.

View: You must have made a bit of money by now though. What have you spent it on?

McKenzie: Omnichords. Jemaine has an addiction to Omnichords. It's like a Casio digital auto-harp.

Clement: It's in episode one of the new series for a minute - a harp-shaped thing.

McKenzie: For a while I'd go round to Jemaine's and every day a new Omnichord would arrive by courier. Which is weird because they're all essentially the same with one tiny feature different.

Clement: I've got my favourite.

McKenzie: I mean, you must have one of the most extensive Omnichord collections in the world.

Clement: Which is about six.

View: You've also been voted into the top 100 sexiest people by an Australian magazine.

Clement: Have you been to Australia?

Clement: Because we're such horrible people. Or at least, I'm a horrible character. And Bret's an idiot. I've permanently got this scowl. It's the worst face.

McKenzie: I'm always looking completely disinterested.

View: Are you surprised by your success?

Clement: Well, we're surprised that we even have a show at all.

View: When did you realise it was all going to happen for you?

McKenzie: We've been really lucky, most places we go we've had a fairly successful time.

Clement: For me the best part is hearing about all the different countries that the show is playing in.

McKenzie: What amazes me now is the people who come up to you. A couple in their 70s approached me at the airport and said "Are you Conchordia?" Because we just really write this stuff to amuse ourselves.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Really Arty contest update - 10 finalists

Yup, the contest is now down to 10 finalists. You can see the finalists at the HBO FotC wiki. There are some really good ones.

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Conchords make Fringe Hall of Fame

Congrats to the guys, it must be a great honor to be inducted into a hall of fame. Source - The Dominion Post

Flight of the Conchords' Bret McKenzie and Jemaine Clement have been named inaugural members of the New Zealand Fringe Festival Hall of Fame.

The annual Fringe Awards, which named the best, brightest and most bizarre of Fringe 09 were presented in Wellington last night.

The Best of Fringe went to Two Day Plays, a month-long competition that challenged 18 teams to create a 10-minute play in a weekend.