Saturday, August 7, 2010

Timetripping: Dave Likes Art

Since we're talking about Jemaine and his love to claymation, I think I should add one more video to complete the collection.

This stopmotion animation is from 2003. It was written by Jemaine Clement who also provides the voice for Phil (other characters are voiced by Bret McKenzie - Steward and David Fane - Dave). This short film was created for ClemengerBBDO (Wellington NZ) for Land Transport and it took them one year to produce.

The video was for cinema and was promoting safe driving. "It's not apparent that it's an anti-speeding ad until the end — and even the hedgehogs are surprised. The ad is longer than usual at four and a half minutes, it's in a claymation format (Wallace & Gromit style) and there's no LTSA or Police logos. But what you won't miss is the same hard-hitting message — the faster you go, the bigger the mess — which comes in right at the end." (more under this video)

What I'm mostly proud of and happy for Jemaine is that Dave Likes Art won three awards at Axis that year - Animation, Direction and Best cinema campaign.

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