Monday, August 23, 2010

Flight of the Conchords: the Complete Collection comes out tomorrow!

Just to give you heads up, since we wrote about this here a couple weeks ago.

The Complete Collection goes on sale tomorrow. Unfortunately, according to this review (found by sargifster from the only new thing that we can find in this 5-Disc Set is first time released on DVD "HBO One Night Stand", which is a corner stone for Flight of the Conchords. No outtakes or deleted scenes from Season 1, as we had hoped before. Sorry... :(

But hey! we'll have a decent copy of their "ONS", which began my Conchords craze over a year ago! This was my first video of FotC I've ever watched - Jenny and then came Issues and Think About It. After that, I got hooked for good. ;D


Oh! And look! We've got a new blog and twitter background! Big THANK YOU to jainaj who gave us the right to use her photo taken during the 16th London show. You can see some more her awesome photos from this gig here. Actually, I was at this show as well and here's one of the videos I managed to record:

And because I can never get enough of the Muffin Story, here's also the banter from the same show:

I think this was the best Muffin Story during this tour, though I've heard that in Manchester Jemaine got into this story so much, that he had tears in his eyes from laughter and he had to take off his glasses to wipe his eyes. :)


  1. Had a feeling not a lot was going to be added. Most likely will not be getting the collection than. But I'll keep it in mind when I get a nice decent job.

    Anyways, great article as usual, and awesome vids. :)

  2. I had the same feeling. :-\

    If I manage to sell my DVDs with just Seasons 1 & 2, I'll buy the Collection. I'd really love to have the ONS on DVD. :)