Monday, August 2, 2010

Timetripping: FotC launch the BBC Comedy website

I think I won't be wrong if I say that FotC's international carrier started at The Edinburgh Festival Fringe in 2002. Last time they visited the UK it was five years ago and when they finally came back in May this year, the BBC asked them to perform the official opening ceremony for

They also gave an exclusive interview for that website. Actually, I think it was the only interview they gave during the Mostly European Tour.

"BBC Comedy grabs an exclusive chat with the toast of New Zealand's folk parody scene, Flight of The Conchords, during their tour of Britain. Bret and Jemaine reveal what the UK means to them, and take a trip down memory lane to recall their BBC radio series, back in the days when they used to play to twelve people instead of twelve thousand."

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