Friday, November 19, 2010

FotC musical in 5 years... MAYBE?

Recently a Kiwi comedian, Rhys Darby (who plays Murray Hewitt in Flight of the Conchords tv show) has been touring New Zealand and Australia and after that he found some time to give an interview to EntertainmentFix blog. He was asked about the tour, his work with Jemaine and Bret and the future of the Conchords as well as his own projects.

Here are some bits that you may find interesting:

Your support role in the Flight of the Conchords earned you quite a following. Did you have any idea the show would be so successful?

We were very surprised. Earlier it was a radio show for the BBC that we put together. We got positive reactions but that was in the UK which is safe ground for us. We'd all done stand up over there as they have a similar mentality to us here in New Zealand. But in America we thought it was a real risk.

We're very surprised that the Americans dug our humour and it was a slow burner. [...]

It turned out that that was the reason it really became a hit — it was the novelty factor. It's an original take on a sitcom. And of course the big selling point was their [Bret and Jermaine's] fantastic music. It was that coupled with awkward situations. When we first started doing it, it was fresh and new — only The Office and Curb Your Enthusiasm had started. It was very innovative and seems like all the stars aligned and there you go — there’s your show.

Did you have to change some of the comedy for the American audience?

The general rule was we just kept it true to ourselves, in what we did and how we spoke. You will notice that when you watch the series that I'm very New Zealander and we improvise a fair bit too. The director would say 'if you were to say it that way — just say it' and that became its charm. [...] — that’s the best thing about comedy — you've gotta stay true to yourself. A lot of people have empathy for Murray and I’m really glad we stuck to our guns.

It's a shame the show ended. Films and TV shows are being remade, groups are reforming and musicians are doing comeback tours. Will we ever see Flight of the Conchords reunite for another series?

I don't know. They only ever designed the show to be as long it was. In terms of the Conchords themselves, they're always touring. They've just finished a tour of Europe. The TV show, I very much doubt it will ever start up again. But you never say no to a project involving the three of us. It's not the last they're going to see of Murray with the Conchords — put it that way.

Great! How about a musical?

We joked about doing Flight of the Conchords as a stage musical — definitely. I think it would really work. Give us a couple of years because we have little children. Once we're comfortable with being parents we’ll consider it. Let's have another chat about it in another five years.

Full interview here.

So, of course, nothing certain, because projects like that need time and money, but interviews with the cast from FOTC leave me so much hope that I can't wait in anticipation. No matter how many years I should wait, I'm happy that there's maybe, MAYBE something cooking.


  1. Awesome news. Thanks Emira for keeping the blog updated.

    I'd post more updates, but I just haven't been in it for a while. Thanks again for keeping this place running. I appreciate it. :)

  2. No problem, Dave. It's all my pleasure:). Thank you for allowing me to post here and spread the news about the Conchords!