Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Friends go shopping together, lalalala

Glory to Twitter!

The filming of MiB3 has started this month and for his role, Jemaine had to grow an epic beard.

Here, he's with his old friend, the director of Eagle vs Shark and BOY, Taika Waititi. They're both in New York City and this photo is just raising my hopes that they're working together on something awesome.

From other news

You can now pre-order Dinner for Schmucks from Amazon (US) or HMV (UK). The release dates: 4 and 17 January 2011.


Don't forget to download a free album "Christmas Gig" with Bret's new song at

I hope you had a great holiday, America. Winter came too soon and too strong for me. Time for some hot chocolate :).

P.S. re: the source tweet.

Jemaine doesn't have his own personal twitter account, as far as I know, so @JemaineC is NOT the real Jemaine Clement. The only verified twitter account is @fotc. But @TaikaWaititi is absolutely the real Taika Waititi.

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