Sunday, November 14, 2010

FOTC may tour Australia and New Zealand next year!

I'm telling you! I literally jumped on my seat when I read these news.
Arj Barker, who plays Dave in the TV show, in an interview for The Sydney Morning Herald gave us quite big hopes for a new tour next year and Flight of the Conchords new tv/big screen projects.

Here are some extracts:

"Bret and Jemaine have talked about touring Australia and New Zealand maybe next year but I don't know, it's a possibility," Barker said.


"I don't know when we'll work together again but I imagine we will in some capacity," he said.

And as for those bumbling characters from Flight Of The Conchords returning to our screens for a third series?

"I wouldn't say it's impossible that they won't do something again, maybe a movie or a one-off or something," Barker said.

"I wouldn't rule it out because the band Flight Of The Conchords has never broken up."

Read full article here
. Photo obtained here.

Arj sounds pretty cautious to me and he's right to be so, but I'm so grateful to him that some rumours are getting louder.


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