Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Jemaine in Predicament

It depends what you understand under this word, because he is doing pretty well.

Giving up the tv show allowed the Conchords doing other things, like touring Europe (I'll write about it next time). It's been very fruitful year for Jemaine being busy taking up different acting roles. One of them is the role of Spook in his friend's, Jason Stutter's (Tongan Ninja, Diagnosis: Death) new movie, Predicament.

Before the movie had its premiere at New Zealand International Film Festival on July 16th in Wellington, you could watch some clips with interviews with the producers and the cast of the movie on its YouTube profile (isn't this sentence too long?). There are some hilarious videos with Jemaine as well :).

A real treat for the J-Dog fans is that the music video to the new song 'Predicament' written and performed by Tim Finn featuring Jemaine Clement can be seen now on the Predicament official website along with the full length trailer and some stills from the movie.

Here's just a teaser:

You can buy the single on Amplifier (international) or iTunes (NZ only).

The national release of the movie is on August 26th. If / when it is released the US / worldwide, I'll let you know.

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