Friday, April 22, 2011

A real person behind @JemaineC and it's NOT Jemaine Clement

Sorry if I get too emotional in this post, but one of the things that get on my nerves are people who try to get attention pretending to be someone they really aren't and getting away with it when they manage to cheat thousands of people. One of the meanest kinds of this is impersonating a famous person.
If you follow @JemaineC on Twitter, be aware that the person who tweets from this account has no connection with real Jemaine Clement (maybe she saw him on the streets of NYC, that's all) and she doesn't even talk with New Zealand accent.
Yes, SHE. Her name is Patricia and this is what she wrote on her website,

Shhh...since October 2009, I've been tweeting as Jemaine Clement. I decided to take the wheel after discovering a Twitter absence from my number one all-time favorite show, The Flight of the Conchords.

My following has grown to over 3,000 people, gaining more and more each day.

Today, she has over 10 thousand followers which suprises me, since the account is not verified and @fotc IS!
I hope, when real Jemaine finds out about it, he will do something with the impersonator. It has happened before with some fake Jemaines on MySpace and after he made a complaint, the fake accounts were removed.

Try to invent someone else, girl, and stop making fools out of Jemaine's fans!


  1. Yeah this really annoys the crap out of me.

    I like how she only has 180 or so followers on her real account too.

  2. Haha! You're right, Dave!
    I like what this girl said on Twitter,
    "I´ve always suspected it, therefore i decided not to follow that account. you know, the sense of humor in her tweets has nothing to do witn jemaine´s one, it´s so talentless. i remember to feel a great disapointment the first time I read it, i was like: shit, real jemaine looks such a dick in twitter. then i thought, wait, this person isn´t him. also, when i found that tweet about feeling so in love whit a girl named patricia, for me, it was de final evidence that jamainec was a impersonation"

  3. Yeah I don't get why someone would do this. It's odd how I messaged her Jemaine account and heard nothing back. I mean, at least come out and tweet that you're acting as Jemaine. It's simple as that.